Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Lostwithiel tide times

May 2023

Lostwithiel tide times

Date High tide High tide
Sun28 12:340.0m
Mon29 00:450.2m 13:550.1m
Tue30 02:050.3m 14:590.3m
Wed31 03:130.5m 15:520.5m

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June 2023

Lostwithiel tide times

Date High tide High tide
Thu01 04:080.7m 16:410.7m
Fri02 04:590.8m 17:270.9m
Sat03 05:471.0m 18:111.1m
Sun04 06:341.1m 18:541.2m
Mon05 07:211.1m 19:381.3m
Tue06 08:071.1m 20:221.3m
Wed07 08:541.0m 21:071.3m
Thu08 09:440.9m 21:561.1m
Fri09 10:370.7m 22:491.0m
Sat10 11:360.6m 23:500.8m
Sun11 12:410.5m

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June 2023

Lostwithiel tide times

Date High tide High tide
Mon12 00:590.7m 13:480.5m
Tue13 02:090.7m 14:500.6m
Wed14 03:120.7m 15:460.7m
Thu15 04:090.8m 16:380.8m
Fri16 05:010.9m 17:250.9m
Sat17 05:490.9m 18:081.0m
Sun18 06:320.9m 18:471.1m
Mon19 07:120.9m 19:221.1m
Tue20 07:480.8m 19:561.1m
Wed21 08:230.8m 20:301.0m
Thu22 08:580.6m 21:040.9m
Fri23 09:350.5m 21:400.8m
Sat24 10:140.4m 22:190.7m
Sun25 10:570.3m 23:020.5m

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Things to see and do near Lostwithiel

If you're planning a visit to Lostwithiel, you'll find that there are plenty of things to see and do in the surrounding area. Here are just a few ideas to help you make the most of your trip.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

  • Beach House Art - Check out the Beach House Blog for guides on pressing seaweed and more!
  • Exploring Nature – Lostwithiel is surrounded by stunning nature and plenty of walks. The town is situated in the Fowey Valley and is bordered by beautiful rivers, woodlands and rolling hills. The Fowey Estuary is an ideal spot for birdwatching, while the nearby Bodmin Moor is perfect for hikers and cyclists.
  • Relax at the Beach – There are plenty of beaches nearby to explore, including St. Austell Bay, Porthpean Beach and Readymoney Cove. Enjoy a long walk on the sand, relax in the sun or take a dip in the sea.
  • Tour a Castle – The town is home to Restormel Castle, a 13th century fortification that was once a powerful stronghold. Explore the ruins, take in the stunning views and learn about its history.
  • Enjoy a Meal – Lostwithiel is packed with great restaurants and pubs. Try the local seafood, sample traditional Cornish pasties and enjoy a pint of the local beer.
  • Visit a Garden – Visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan, a Victorian estate with over 200 acres of gardens and wildlife. Explore the grounds and take in the stunning views.
  • Browse the Shops – Lostwithiel is home to some unique shops, such as antique stores and art galleries. Take in the local charm while browsing the shops and pick up something special.
  • Take a Boat Trip – There are plenty of boat trips available to explore the Fowey Estuary and nearby rivers. Enjoy the scenery, spot wildlife and learn about the local area.
  • Go on a Hike – Lostwithiel is surrounded by plenty of hiking trails, from easy strolls to more strenuous hikes. Enjoy the stunning views and take in the fresh air.
  • Wine Tasting – Visit the nearby Camel Valley vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting session. Sample some of the local wines and learn about the winemaking process.
  • Visit a Museum – Lostwithiel has a rich history and several museums to explore. Visit the Museum of Cornish Life to learn about the area's past, or head to the Lostwithiel Museum to discover its industrial heritage.
  • Enjoy a Show – Head to the award-winning Halls for Cornwall for a night of theatre, music, comedy and more. Enjoy a show in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Take a Tour – Enjoy a guided tour of the town to learn about its history and stories. Discover the local sights and explore the streets.
  • Go Fishing – Lostwithiel is home to some great fishing spots, such as the Fowey River. Enjoy a peaceful day by the river and try your luck at catching some fish.
  • Tour a Brewery – Visit the St Austell Brewery and take a tour of the brewery and its process. Sample some of the local beers and learn about its history.
  • Explore a Park – Head to the nearby Lanhydrock Park and take a walk through the stunning grounds. Enjoy the views, spot wildlife and explore the park.

There are many things to see and do near Lostwithiel. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or outdoor activities, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy your time in the area!